Why Did MGM Think A New Addams Family Movie Made Sense?

The odd dams family is back or plainly the Addams Family. For decades we have enjoyed this strange, kooky, creepy, fun, and amazing family. But what does this new animated movie offers us? Do they make sense now that they have come back after long years?

Well, we can say that MGM thinks that this new Addams Family movie makes sense to all its entirety. Here are the reasons for that.

It started with its origins

The Adams Family did not just immediately introduce the entire family with all the different characters in it. It began with the marriage of Gomez and Morticia were after their wedding; they have to run away from the villagers who tried to attack them. With torches and weapons running after them, they had to leave their old unnamed country to spare their very lives.

After leaving their old country, they found themselves starting a new life in New Jersey. Just their luck, they have found a perfect home in the haunted abandoned asylum right on top of the hill. Therefore, the movie clearly explains where it all began and how the Adams Family became huge with all the strange and unusual characters in it.

Maintaining the old Adams legacy

When the Adams family first began, we saw how each character is remarkably distinct. But all love violence and danger which they call games and fun stuff which makes them unite as one family. But how they were brought together was simply a mystery. In this movie, MGM creates a new side of the story where not only do they tackle their origins, but as to why do we have the Adams family.

Each character remarkably possesses a distinct role in the family. The part where we mostly missed is how they are united despite their despicable oddness. Nothing can change them, and nothing has changed ever since though a lot of things have changed. It simply shows the remarkable legacy of the Adams Family in which they can appear any era, even in the near future.

They do make sense indeed

Well what clearly makes sense is the undying comedy you can find in every portion of the movie. What seems to be so odd becomes so normal, and what is normal becomes so odd. Nevertheless, the very reason why you laugh while watching this strange but rather entertaining and remarkable family is that they do make sense.