We are Contemporary Films, an independent movie studio that launched in 2003 by Coco Cabral, who at the time was in a college freshman. In 2017 we decided to create a movie website that was entirely designed to deliver short, one-paragraph movie reviews for quick reading, but after a year, an avid reader commented that the reviews should go into more depth. Hence, our site grew into a larger database of movie reviews, previews and image galleries. Now, we write just about anything and everything movies.

Since then our site rew tremendously in popularity and readership, offering one of the easiest ways to access all information and movie details about individual films in a simple, easy-to-use interface. Thanks to a generous seed fund we received from an angel investor, a dedicated web development team was hired and were able to improve the scalability of the site and make thousands of movie reviews, previews of upcoming movies, movie trailers and more readily accessible to Internet users.