Are The Oscars Just A Movie Industry Popularity Contest?

One of the reasons why actors love what they are doing is because of the recognition that they receive. It does not matter what award it may be, as long as they are recognized for their craft, it is enough for them. However, there are awards that are sought after because of the prestige.

The Oscars is one award-giving body that spells prestige that if winning it will allow them to be recognized well and their value as an actor will increase. But what makes the Oscars so prestigious? What is their basis in nominating actors? Is receiving the award but a popularity contest?

The Oscars is more than just a popularity contest. They have rules that must be abided by and there are qualities that films must possess in order for them to be nominated. To enlighten people of the value that the Oscars is giving actors and actresses, here are some things to ponder upon:

1) The film must cover forty minutes.

2) It has to have a premiere that must be held in a movie theater.

3) The film format for the premier must be 35 mm / 70 mm.

4) It has to be shown in a Los Angeles County movie house/theater and admission has to be paid. It must be played within seven days from the given calendar date.

Aside from the mentioned, in order for the film to be considered for a nomination, the producer must submit the Official Screen Credits. It has to contain the credits for production for all the categories for an Oscar. Once the form is submitted, it will be placed under the ‘Reminder List of Eligible releases.’ During the month of January, a nomination ticket to every member of the Academy. A Reminder List copy is also sent with the ticket. This only goes to show that the Oscars is more than just popularity, it is more than just creating a film, but it is more than all these.

If the Oscars is just a popularity contest, it would not have come up with a set of qualifications. If it is  all about popularity, then film makers can just advertise a short film and not spend much of their time, money and efforts in creating a film.

The Oscars is a prestigious and honorable award-giving body that started in May of 1927. The decades of nominating and picking the best actors and actresses speak so much of the honor it has a body and receiving such award is momentous for every actor and actress.