Is Spider-Man Still The Most Successful Superhero Franchise?

Spiderman is one of our most favorite comic book superheroes that have hit the big screen. He was one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, starting from a nobody to someone amazing. In the last 57 years, spiderman was the most popular comic book superhero. But is he the most popular in the box office? Is Spider-Man the most successful superhero franchise? We’ll find out in this article.

How much does a spiderman franchise cost?

The Spiderman franchise budget is around 300 million dollars. Just recently, the Spiderman homecoming and far from home 335 million dollar budget, yet it generated a gross income of 2 billion dollars. The Spiderman into the spider-verse had a 90 million budget over a 375 million gross revenue. A total of $7,213,542,971 collectively is the global gross income of the entire Spider-Man films. This means that Spiderman movies did hit big in the world’s box office.

One of the most successful superhero franchises

We can say that it’s one of the most successful superhero franchises but not the most successful or the one at the top. Still on the first spot is “The Avengers,” wherein its four films grossed a total of $7,770,377,000 in the worldwide box office. Spiderman takes the second spot of $7,213,542,971, just a little bit of difference to “The Avengers,” while Batman takes the third spot on the list. But the main thing is that it did overshoot its budget and make a huge profit where everybody is happy. 

What makes the world like spiderman?

It must be in the character of the story where he is just an ordinary boy trying to make it out in like. He struggles the same things we strive every day and suffers need and loss, just like every human being. It mirrors the life of every ordinary person, and yet with his great powers comes his great responsibility –to save lives, protect the innocent, and defend the world. This provides man the lesson that whatever we are going through in life, whether we are down, frustrated, and hurt, we can still go out and be a hero, helping others who are in need. We can even provide comfort for those who are hurt because you know what it’s like to be there. 

Is Spiderman your favorite comic character? Then you must have seen all his movies and enjoyed it. Because if there is one good thing that the film industries did is that they brought comic book superheroes to life. 

If You’ve Never Been To A Drive-In Movie, Find One

Watching a movie is simply going to a movie house, pay for the tickets, get some snacks and you are good to go. If you prefer watching it at home, you can always do so. Just get a copy of your favorite movie and gather your family and friends and have a blast. You can also watch it by yourself if you want to. There are other means of watching a movie like drive-in movies. This is when a large screen is put up while viewers watch the movie inside their vehicles or on the lawn. It can be so much fun watching movies underneath the sky.

For First-Timers, Read On

One of the unique ways of watching a movie is through drive-in movies. The first recorded drive-in movie was in 1915 in New Mexico and the movie was entitled ‘Bags of Gold.’ In the 1920’s a drive-in movie was opened in Texas.

Despite the popularity of movie houses and movies online, there are still those that would want to experience watching in an open area, inside their cars, together with their loved ones. For those who want this experience, here are some tips to learn:

1) Come early and choose a spot near the exit. This will give you a good spot to watch the movie from and leaving will be easier.

2) Bring along an insect repellant. You do not want those bugs bugging you while watching your favorite movie.

3) As any other movie night, you will need snacks. This will keep you full while watching.

4) Establish conversations with fellow movie-watchers. Of course, do this before the movie starts. This is to create a good ambiance for a movie.

5) Bring along chairs if you prefer watching it outside your car.

6) Wearing comfortable clothes is important, just like watching a movie at home.

7) Be prepared and bring extra cash.

With the mentioned tips, you can now watch a movie outdoors. Search for one within your area or choose a place that a friend recommended. The experience is worth the search. You can always do this with friends, colleagues and family. It is one good way to bond with them. It is also something to look forward to for the weekend.

Movies are indeed loved by many, it will just be the manner of watching and who you watch it with that will add spice to the experience.

The Never-Ending Battle Between Studios And Free Movie Sites

Free movie streaming online is an increasingly-popular way for people to bypass purchasing five different streaming subscriptions just to watch their favorite tv shows. While they may be popular with the populace, they are less popular with the movie studios and producers who are angry their potential profits are being cut into. Take, for example, the famously embattled file-sharing website

What’s The Big Deal?

Free movie streaming websites function by acting a search engine to connect users with movies uploaded to a secondary background site. While users play the film from Site A, Site B is actually the site where the movie exists – and quite often, these Site B’s are clearly illegal, as copyright is infringed, and movie studios lose out the money they’d otherwise get from users viewing their films. Site A’s are sometimes able to get around the legal fiasco by never hosting or owning the movies themselves, merely linking users to illegal sites without the users ever approaching the illegal sites…but not always.

Where’s The Fight? is perhaps the most famous example of a file-sharing site being put through the ringer, but it’s by far not the only one. Sites like this are run through countries outside of the USA, so it’s difficult for the FBI or other governmental bodies to do much. Studios and producers will lobby government agencies and ambassadors to other countries, which will often head investigations that shut down the websites. In the case of, they cloned their site onto new domains after every shutdown, bouncing around from URL to URL in an effort to keep their user base happy and the feds of their respective countries off their case. Free movie websites are good for the users and the site owners, but not for studios and producers who are upset their payday is slashed from two million to one. To put an end to that, studios and producers sue the websites and lobby government officials to reach into other countries and shut down the infringers. In response, file-sharing sites have little recourse but to take down their site and build a new one under a new name – and often, a new M.O.

Adventure Movies: Are They Mainly For Kids?

Watching movies is one of the ways to spend the weekends. This is also a perfect time for family bonding. You had a long weekday full of stress brought about by work and chores. What a good way to relax and enjoy the weekend with the whole family and watch movies. You can always go to the movie house or you can have a movie marathon at home.

Rest Starts Here and Now

There are different movie genres, however not all movie genres is for every member of the family. One of the best movie genres that the whole family can enjoy is adventure movies. The whole family will surely agree on this. Parents and children can enjoy adventure movies because it can be appealing to any age and gender.

Adventure comes in different forms. There are quests, searches for something or someone that is lost. Watching the movie is like getting involved in the search. The twists and turns can be very entertaining that both young and adult can enjoy.

Watching movies with the whole family is healthy for the growth of family relationships. Here are other reasons why:

1) It will create strong family bonds as you get to have fun while watching. Just choose the type of movie to watch to ensure that everyone enjoys it.

2) Studies show that students who do better in school are children who spend quality time with their families.

3) Behavioral problems are avoided. Children are guided by their parents by spending time with them, talking to them and having fun with them.

4) Children become less violent.

5) Boosts self-confidence among children.

The children are your priority in a family. Their welfare should be on top that is why it is best to do an activity that will be both fun and healthy.

Watching movies like adventure films can build healthy relationships among family members and most importantly, it can help children grow up to be better people. Such movies are not only for kids to enjoy, but for parents and the whole family as well. It will make bonding time more enjoyable and meaningful.

If you are preparing a weekend with the family, choose to watch a movie at home. It will not only benefit the children, but the whole family as well. You can ask the children about the movie they want to watch to be sure that they can enjoy the whole activity.

The Latest Films: Are They Available Online?

The world is moving at such a fast pace that most people can’t even keep with it. Technology has a lot to do with this development. Communication, file sharing, and even remote access can be done by a click of a button.

The internet is a gold mine. We can find almost everything on it. Any information that we want to look for can be researched on the internet. You can consider it as a digital library and the search engine is your librarian. The majority of the people in today’s generation and age spend their time watching movies online. There are free movies and there are also movies that they would pay for. If you own a computer and you have a stable internet wherever you are, you can easily watch movies online.

The questions for most people involves the kind of movies that they can watch online. Are these new movies or old ones that are no longer in theaters? Well, you can watch both if you know where to look. There are a lot of websites that can give you these movies like 123moviesgo and many more. They do have the most updated movie lists and they also have movies that are still showing on theaters.

There is a catch in watching updated movies online. Ninety percent of the time, if the movie just recently aired, you might need to settle for a much lesser quality if you plan to watch it for free. Most of them are on a cam corded quality because that is how they were recorded. Now, if the movie is no longer on theaters, there are sites that would allow you to stream in HD quality for a given price.

The best way is to do your research on whatever site that you are comfortable with to use. Another catch, if you want to watch movies for free, expect ads to be interrupting your movie from time to time. Why ads? This is how these sites would earn. They do not earn from the actual movie itself but by running ads on their sites. You will be forced to watch them. Watching movies on their site guarantees traffic and watch time wherein it would be possible for them to run ads to be monetized. They can also reach out to specific companies to get sponsorships for these ads. That is the same reason why, if a new and hot movie is out, these site owners would make it their priority to get a hold of a copy of it.

Why Did MGM Think A New Addams Family Movie Made Sense?

The odd dams family is back or plainly the Addams Family. For decades we have enjoyed this strange, kooky, creepy, fun, and amazing family. But what does this new animated movie offers us? Do they make sense now that they have come back after long years?

Well, we can say that MGM thinks that this new Addams Family movie makes sense to all its entirety. Here are the reasons for that.

It started with its origins

The Adams Family did not just immediately introduce the entire family with all the different characters in it. It began with the marriage of Gomez and Morticia were after their wedding; they have to run away from the villagers who tried to attack them. With torches and weapons running after them, they had to leave their old unnamed country to spare their very lives.

After leaving their old country, they found themselves starting a new life in New Jersey. Just their luck, they have found a perfect home in the haunted abandoned asylum right on top of the hill. Therefore, the movie clearly explains where it all began and how the Adams Family became huge with all the strange and unusual characters in it.

Maintaining the old Adams legacy

When the Adams family first began, we saw how each character is remarkably distinct. But all love violence and danger which they call games and fun stuff which makes them unite as one family. But how they were brought together was simply a mystery. In this movie, MGM creates a new side of the story where not only do they tackle their origins, but as to why do we have the Adams family.

Each character remarkably possesses a distinct role in the family. The part where we mostly missed is how they are united despite their despicable oddness. Nothing can change them, and nothing has changed ever since though a lot of things have changed. It simply shows the remarkable legacy of the Adams Family in which they can appear any era, even in the near future.

They do make sense indeed

Well what clearly makes sense is the undying comedy you can find in every portion of the movie. What seems to be so odd becomes so normal, and what is normal becomes so odd. Nevertheless, the very reason why you laugh while watching this strange but rather entertaining and remarkable family is that they do make sense.

Are The Oscars Just A Movie Industry Popularity Contest?

One of the reasons why actors love what they are doing is because of the recognition that they receive. It does not matter what award it may be, as long as they are recognized for their craft, it is enough for them. However, there are awards that are sought after because of the prestige.

The Oscars is one award-giving body that spells prestige that if winning it will allow them to be recognized well and their value as an actor will increase. But what makes the Oscars so prestigious? What is their basis in nominating actors? Is receiving the award but a popularity contest?

The Oscars is more than just a popularity contest. They have rules that must be abided by and there are qualities that films must possess in order for them to be nominated. To enlighten people of the value that the Oscars is giving actors and actresses, here are some things to ponder upon:

1) The film must cover forty minutes.

2) It has to have a premiere that must be held in a movie theater.

3) The film format for the premier must be 35 mm / 70 mm.

4) It has to be shown in a Los Angeles County movie house/theater and admission has to be paid. It must be played within seven days from the given calendar date.

Aside from the mentioned, in order for the film to be considered for a nomination, the producer must submit the Official Screen Credits. It has to contain the credits for production for all the categories for an Oscar. Once the form is submitted, it will be placed under the ‘Reminder List of Eligible releases.’ During the month of January, a nomination ticket to every member of the Academy. A Reminder List copy is also sent with the ticket. This only goes to show that the Oscars is more than just popularity, it is more than just creating a film, but it is more than all these.

If the Oscars is just a popularity contest, it would not have come up with a set of qualifications. If it is  all about popularity, then film makers can just advertise a short film and not spend much of their time, money and efforts in creating a film.

The Oscars is a prestigious and honorable award-giving body that started in May of 1927. The decades of nominating and picking the best actors and actresses speak so much of the honor it has a body and receiving such award is momentous for every actor and actress.