Is Spider-Man Still The Most Successful Superhero Franchise?

Spiderman is one of our most favorite comic book superheroes that have hit the big screen. He was one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, starting from a nobody to someone amazing. In the last 57 years, spiderman was the most popular comic book superhero. But is he the most popular in the box office? Is Spider-Man the most successful superhero franchise? We’ll find out in this article.

How much does a spiderman franchise cost?

The Spiderman franchise budget is around 300 million dollars. Just recently, the Spiderman homecoming and far from home 335 million dollar budget, yet it generated a gross income of 2 billion dollars. The Spiderman into the spider-verse had a 90 million budget over a 375 million gross revenue. A total of $7,213,542,971 collectively is the global gross income of the entire Spider-Man films. This means that Spiderman movies did hit big in the world’s box office.

One of the most successful superhero franchises

We can say that it’s one of the most successful superhero franchises but not the most successful or the one at the top. Still on the first spot is “The Avengers,” wherein its four films grossed a total of $7,770,377,000 in the worldwide box office. Spiderman takes the second spot of $7,213,542,971, just a little bit of difference to “The Avengers,” while Batman takes the third spot on the list. But the main thing is that it did overshoot its budget and make a huge profit where everybody is happy. 

What makes the world like spiderman?

It must be in the character of the story where he is just an ordinary boy trying to make it out in like. He struggles the same things we strive every day and suffers need and loss, just like every human being. It mirrors the life of every ordinary person, and yet with his great powers comes his great responsibility –to save lives, protect the innocent, and defend the world. This provides man the lesson that whatever we are going through in life, whether we are down, frustrated, and hurt, we can still go out and be a hero, helping others who are in need. We can even provide comfort for those who are hurt because you know what it’s like to be there. 

Is Spiderman your favorite comic character? Then you must have seen all his movies and enjoyed it. Because if there is one good thing that the film industries did is that they brought comic book superheroes to life.